‚ÄčA note on sign language

When you are signing, try to say the words as you sign them. Fluent signers will often focus on the face and lips of the person signing and read the hands with their peripheral vision.

Terry the Monkey is right-handed and the signs here illustrate how a right-handed person would sign. If your left hand is dominant, then switch hands. (I have provided fingerspelling charts for left and right-handed signers and in future I hope to provide both versions of signs, especially if they are asymmetrical or involve fingerspelling).

BSL, ASL and Auslan are complex languages with many regional variations, dialects and slang, and there is often more than one sign for a word. In each case, I have tried to select the sign that is the most widely used and understood.

Sign language involves more than hand shapes. Facial expressions and gestures are often vital to conveying meaning. The best way to learn sign language is face to face with a teacher. I hope that Terry will help children develop their vocabulary and encourage them to discover a love of sign language. 

The signs on this website, and in the How to Sign with Terry the Monkey books, are intended for entertainment. Although every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the signs, the author and illustrator are not to be held accountable for their accuracy.